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In the Boxing Ring - July 2019


2 July 2019 - Welcome to the July 2019 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’.


Earlier this year, when Network Box launched our Dark Web Monitoring Service, we concentrated on breaches leaking passwords (both hashed and plaintext/cracked), indexed by email address for both individuals as well as domain holders. However, most breaches contain much more personal data than just passwords, and we are increasingly seeing the threat of data correlation using index types other than email address, such as site usernames, IP addresses, identity numbers, etc. This month, we will be launching version 2 of the Network Box Dark Web Monitoring Service. On pages 2 to 3, we outline the new features and enhancements to the service.


On page 4, we highlight the features and fixes to be released in this month’s patch Tuesday for Network Box 5.


In other news, Network Box Managing Director, Michael Gazeley, gave a talk about the Dark Web at ISACA China HK Chapter. In addition, Network Box USA was at HouSecCon 2019. During the conference, Network Box USA’s Pierluigi Stella gave a keynote on why all companies need a cybersecurity budget. Finally, Network Box was featured in various media outlets including SC Magazine and Dark Reading.


The newsletter can be downloaded from the Network Box website.


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